Success in our global, collective future will depend on the students of today using 21st century skills to develop innovative solutions to key societal issues. Entrepreneurs, in turn, are individuals who transform these innovations into economic goods using financial and business acumen. In the long-term, the economic health of every region depends to some degree on what it does to help these individuals succeed. Entrepreneurship drives economic change and innovation while at the same time expanding opportunity and unleashing the initiative of citizens. Entrepreneurs are crucial to building prosperous societies that deliver opportunity to all. In emerging economies around the world, interest in entrepreneurship is currently higher than ever amid burgeoning youth populations and a desire to move up value chains. The empowered citizen of the 21st century not only knows how to use technology, she\he knows how to use technology to turn innovation into services, goods, or efficiencies that contribute to the local and regional economies, and perhaps most importantly the economy of her\his own home. Entrepreneurship education delivered on a foundation of 21st century skills, both within educational institutions and as a key element of lifelong learning, is necessary to drive innovation and therefore the economic health of any region. Unfortunately, in many developing economies, obstacles in the business environment close off entrepreneurial opportunities to huge swathes of the population, this paper will try to show the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in modern education and societies and will try to answer the following questions : 1-what is the definition of entrepreneurship and innovation ?. 2-what are the 21st century learning ,innovation ,and career skills ?. 3-what is the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in education? 4-what are the content standards for entrepreneurship education ?

Education ,Innovation , Entrepreneurship

DOI: 10.52950/TE.2015.3.3.001


APA citation:
MUNA ALJOHANI (2015). Innovation and Entrepreneurship Integration in Education. Ohaio state model. International Journal of Teaching and Education, Vol. III(3), pp. 1-20. , DOI: 10.52950/TE.2015.3.3.001

Received: 27 Jun 2015
Revised: 15 Aug 2015
Accepted: 6 Sep 2015
Published: 20 Sep 2015

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