Peer Review Process of International Journal of Economic Sciences

Articles submitted for possible publication in International Journal of Economic Sciences are subjected to a double-blind, peer review process.

Articles are first reviewed by editors. Submitted articles may be rejected without being sent out for review if the following requirements are not fully met:

  • Article is easy to read without complicated language. The language should be clear and grammatically correct.
  • Article fits with the aims and scope of the Journal, and it offers new knowledge and research findings.
  • Article should not have any unethical publishing or research practices.
  • Abstracts are easy to understand and provide an adequate summary of each article's contents.

Articles that are found suitable for review are then sent to two experts in the field of the paper. Reviewers are required to assess the full paper from the perspective of originality, methodology, demonstration of the results and presentation of the conclusion, contribution to the literature and research, as well as the suitable referencing of pertinent studies. Reviewers of a paper are unknown to each other.

Reviewers are asked to classify the paper as: accept in present form, accept after minor revisions, reconsider after major revisions or reject. Reviewers’ evaluations usually include an explicit recommendation of how the manuscript should be improved. Each of the referees will return a peer-review reports of the article to the managing editor who distributes redviewers'comments to the authors. The role of the referees is advisory.

The review process is usually completed within two months. Accepted articles are usually published within six months.

Review form