Corona will infect tens of millions of people worldwide. Of these, more than a million will die by summer 2020, i.e. become victims of bodily injury resulting in death, i.e. a criminal offence. Up to now, the smallest links in the chain of infection have been punished, e.g. for violation of the distance rule. Would it not therefore be appropriate to ask about the real culprit of Covid-19? In early June 2020, the government of Australia and citizens in northern Italy (Bergamo) are demanding clarifications: who is responsible for the Corona pandemic? The most important explanations of the origin of the corona virus are presented and discussed. Have residents of the Shitou bat cave carried the virus to Wuhan? Did one of the two well-known Wuhan bat hunters bring it to the Wuhan Seafood Market? Is the zoonosis theory true, according to which a bat at the seafood market infected a pangolin that was then eaten by a human being? Was the Sars-CoV-2 virus developed in a biolab and then escaped through a lab accident? The plausibility of these explanatory theories is discussed.

Covid-19 origin, Corona origin, Sars-CoV-2, conspiracy theory, Shanghai line

DOI: 10.52950/SS.2020.9.2.001


APA citation:
BIRGER ANTHOLZ (2020). Corona - who was the Perpetrator?. International Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. IX(2), pp. 1-20. , DOI: 10.52950/SS.2020.9.2.001

Received: 25 Jun 2020
Revised: 12 Aug 2020
Accepted: 6 Sep 2020
Published: 20 Sep 2020

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